How To Solve Blood Relation questions With Simple Aptitude Tricks

             Generally, in every competitive exam you may find these type problems. These types of problems test your understanding potential in given time. Here I will explain how to solve blood relation questions with easy & simple trick. Some blood relation questions with answers are also provided under each type.
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              In your own language you may know all types of relations. In English also you should know all types of relation without any doubt. Some important relations are provided below. You should remember these relations to solve these types of problems.

Important Relations

Mother’s (or) father’s son – Brother
Mother’s (or) Father’s Daughter – Sister
Mother’s brother – Maternal Uncle
Father’s Brother – Paternal uncle
Mother’s (or) Father’s sister – Aunt
Mother’s (or) Father’s father – Grand father
Mother’s (or) Father’s mother – Grand mother
Son’s wife – Daughter in law
Daughter’s husband – Son in law
Husband’s (or) Wife’s father – Father in law
Husband’s (or) Wife’s mother – Mother in law
Husband’s (or) Wife’s brother – Brother in law
Husband’s (or) Wife’s sister – Sister in law
Sister’s husband – Brother in law
Brother’s (or) Sister’s son – Nephew
Brother’s (or) Sister’s daughter – Niece

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